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Today 15 Apr    St.Petersburg time 07:41
ID: 35083
name: Polina
date of birthday: 6.8.1988
height: 174 cm
weight: 60 kg
country: Ukraine
city: Dnipro area
level of english: good
children: none
marital status: single
introduction letter: I am a happy authentic true nature loving and also ocasionally outgoing and sometimes adventurous person and a mom of the beautiful smart girl. I enjoy doing art and reading. I like all kinds of therapies and I would like to practice various types of massages, relaxations, aromatherapies, and similar. I believe everyone should enjoy the time on earth with the help of senses we have and natural beauties we can indulge ourselves in. I am very open sexually in our privacy and enjoy creativity in personal relationships. Love to be kissed. I am looking for happy and joyful person to share all beauties this earth has to offer and have fun together. He should be very much loving so that to let me blossom at max. Smile
smoking: no

I am:

kind, optimistic

I like:

watch movies

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