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Today 15 Apr    St.Petersburg time 07:13
ID: 35085
name: Yulia
date of birthday: 13.8.1994
height: 170 cm
weight: 54 kg
country: Ukraine
city: Kharkov
level of english: good
children: none
marital status: single
introduction letter: Very emotional and all my characteristics are clearly visible. I am sincere and probably this is my main characteristic. I am sincerely happy and sincerely sad. I am a wonderful friend and a true devotee. My closest friends know me, inaccessible to the rest. I am very vulnerable and sometimes behave like a little girl. I love children very much and I dream of my own. I want myself a real man who can lift me up to heaven. I want to meet a funny, positive person with excellent facial features and character. Appearance for me does not play much value, but I want a man who will have eyes in which you can flatten. Come write me a letter, you will appreciate the answer and my sweet picture for you since the morning.
smoking: no

I am:

kind, optimistic

I like:


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