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Today 15 Apr    St.Petersburg time 07:02
ID: 35086
name: Valentina
date of birthday: 16.4.1992
height: 161 cm
weight: 49 kg
country: Russia
city: Moscow area
level of english: good
children: none
marital status: single
introduction letter: I was born in a friendly and intelligent family.My granny taught how to play piano and my grandfather learnt me to read. My family is very kind and accepting. why am I talking about family first? I believe it forms YOU from the very first days, so you are like a a reflection of your relatives.Mostly of course, but there are always exceptions which only prove the ruleWink I was always a good student and loved reading and learning, this is in my blood. I have a pleasant voice and growing up I wanted to become a singer. The moments on stage were the most precious ones and I made my kids' dream come true. I am very calm and kind-hearted. I am never in a rush. In my free time I like jogging, yoga, fitness, reading or spending time with close people. Sometimes I have lazy days...I have a sweet tooth, so to win my heart bring me chocolates)haha)) I am very optimistic about my search and I am sure I will meet my second half. I am looking for the other half of me in YOU.
smoking: no

I am:

elegant, smart

I like:


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